American Farmer-Owned Premier Select Sires Announces Record Sales for 2023

American Farmer-Owned Premier Select Sires Announces Record Sales for 2023

Premier Select Sires recently announced record sales to member owners of $41.5 million dollars for 2023. This reflects $2 million dollars in growth for semen and product sales in the year completed December 31. Operating profit was $800,000 and all segments of the cooperative showed increased sales.

“We are proud to serve the farmer owners of the 23 eastern United States in our area of service ranging from Kansas to Maine and to Florida. We listen to what our customers need and are glad to be seeing increased sales to those customers by meeting those needs with a highly trained team,” CEO Mark Carpenter announced during the meeting.

Parfect, Luster-P, and Lionel were the three highest selling sires in 2023, and feed additive Select DTX from Agrarian was recognized as the fastest growing product line in the history of Premier Select Sires. Select DTX has seen rapid adoption on many farms due to a recent research trial that showed 3.5 pounds of milk gain and increased conception on cows using DTX compared to the control group.

VP of Marketing Kirk Sattazahn also credited the activity system CowManager for increased satisfaction by customers. “Premier has always been focused on service and customer support. We are seeing how CowManager plays a key role in helping dairy and beef cattle owners make smart decisions at the farm level while receiving mating and reproductive assistance from the Premier team servicing the account,” said Sattazahn.

During the meeting, new officers from the board of directors were elected. These include Kenny Taylor from Tennessee as President, James Cook from Virginia as 1st Vice President, Jim Houser from Pennsylvania as 2nd Vice President, Mike Saylor from Tennessee as board Treasurer, and John Edd Harris from Georgia as board Secretary. New delegates and board members were also elected and seated during the meeting.

President Taylor reported that there was not much new news on the planned merger between Select Sires and ST genetics. “I am glad that Premier Select Sires will remain a locally owned cooperative with equity that stays with the American farmer,” said Taylor. “As an increasing number of other semen providers get bought out by foreign owned private enterprises, our key beneficiary at Premier remains the American dairy and beef cattle owner.”