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CowManager believes a successful farmer is a prepared farmer. That’s why the CowManager activity monitoring system ensures you’re always ahead and prepared for what’s coming. CowManager helps you reach your goals, whatever your ambitions are. And whether you have 20 or 20,000 cows, with CowManager you’ll have eyes on all of them.

CowManager’s unique ear sensor measures ear temperature combined with eating, rumination, and activity, which results in more accurate and earlier alerts. So, you can catch sick cows days before they show clinical signs, and never miss a heat.


  • Measures Ear Temperature: CowManager’s unique ear sensor measures ear temperature combined with behavior, resulting in more accurate and earlier alerts.
  • Unique Transition Alerts: Identify at-risk cows in the dry period and avoid surprises after calving.
  • Prevent Heat Stress and Disease: Identify heat stress in an early stage so you can improve your heat stress strategy.
  • No Farm Is Too Big: Whether you have 20 or 20,000 cows and are barn or pasture-based, CowManager has got you covered.
  • Lifetime Warranty: Lifetime warranty on all hardware is part of the deal, as long as you subscribe to our service.
  • Continuous System Enhancements: CowManager implements new functionalities and customer wishes bi-weekly through over-the-air programming.
  • Easy Installation: Download the CowManager system on your computer, install the routers, activate the sensors, and simply tag your cows. Just plug-and-play!
  • Shared Data via Multiview: Give employees, vets, nutritionists and other advisors access to selected real-time data.

®CowManager is a registered trademark of Agis Automatisering

The revolutionary ear sensor technology provides accurate information about your herd’s fertility, health and nutrition. The sensor fits around an RFID tag.

CowManager is a complete plug-and-play system that is compatible with your farm management system. The data transmitted by the sensors are collected by routers that can be installed in your barn, pastures or feed lots.

CowManager monitors your herd 24/7 in any situation, regardless of farm size. It’s the ultimate tool for continuously monitoring your cows’ fertility, health and nutrition and receiving real-time information on your smartphone and/or other devices.

CowManager integrates for free with many herd management systems all over the world. The system uses the data to ensure more detailed alerts about a cows’ health, fertility and nutrition status.

We Know What Your Cows Need. Discover The Modules!

Increase profit with timely insemination. Identify peak heats, non-cycling cows, pregnant cows and even potential abortions. Know exactly when a cow is in heat and when to breed. Ready to maximize your pregnancy rates?

Get a grip on your cows’ well-being. Is a cow not eating, not ruminating, or experiencing a change in behavior or a drop in temperature? Get an alert 1 to 2 days before any signs of clinical illness. Or, if a cow is already sick, monitor recovery in detail.

Did you know CowManager is the only cow monitoring service that provides accurate transition alerts? 75% of all adult cow disease events occur in the transition period. CowManager gives you in-depth insights on cow nutrition and well-being at an individual and group level. Prevent heat stress and disease, take your feed management to the next level and get more control to achieve the goals set for your herd.

Ready to Do Better Together?

We could tell you a lot more about CowManager’s cow monitoring system, but we’d rather show you. Download CowManager’s Demo App (Apple Store or Google Play Store), go on a virtual tour through all the possibilities.

Check out this link for more information, and be sure to talk to your local Premier representative about CowManager!