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Your partner for successful crossbreeding.

SelectCROSS_Logo_FinalSelect Sires provides numerous strategies for breeding profitable cows, including crossbreeding. Based on years of experience, the SelectCROSS® approach focuses on a structured three-breed rotation with elite genetics from major breeds to maximize heterosis.

Holstein, Jersey and Montbeliarde are three of the largest breeds in the world for genetic development. SelectCROSS recommends dairy producers who wish to include crossbreeding as a genetic strategy start the rotation with purebred (no generation count) Jersey sires with greater than +20 Jersey Udder Index (JUI) to build the proper udder for a high-producing Holstein x Jersey cross cow. Breed the Holstein x Jersey cross to a Montbeliarde sire with a Calving Ease score greater than 89 and an Udder Score greater than 110.


Crossbreeding can be a profitable venture for many operations. If you are interested in developing a crossbreeding program to meet your goals, contact your local Premier Select Sires representative!

®SelectCROSS is a registered trademark of Select Sires Inc. Jersey Udder Index and JUI are trademarks of the American Jersey Cattle Association.