FerAppease®:Reducing Cortisol Levels During the Most Stressful Times for Cattle

FerAppease®:Reducing Cortisol Levels During the Most Stressful Times for Cattle

Domesticated food animals are prey species that evolved over thousands of years to perceive threats and avoid predation. In a threatening situation, the amygdala and areas of the hypothalamus are overstimulated and will trigger short and long-term physiological changes. Under the current farming conditions, threat perception serves little to no purpose. Fear leads to stress and eventually to increase morbidity, mortality, and lost productivity. 

Cortisol is released throughout the body during stressful situations. High cortisol concentrations in animals suppress their immune system which can cause disease and decrease their ability to fight infection. It can also decrease reproductive success and weight gain. 

FerAppease, a product now offered by Premier Select Sires, is designed to help lower cortisol levels in cattle during stressful situations. The active ingredient in FerAppease is a synthetic analog of Maternal Bovine Appeasing Substance (MBAS). A cow’s skin naturally secretes MBAS to comfort her calf while nursing. It decreases threat perception, which reduces stress response. It is effective on both young and mature cattle. 




Reducing stress can help to: 

  • Reduce morbidity and mortality
  • Prevent decreases in productivity
  • Improve reproductive performance
  • Improve cattle handling
  • And more!

FerAppease is affordable, safe, and easy to use. MBAS is assimilated by the vomeronasal gland located in the nose of the treated animals. One application can provide benefits for up to 14 days.

Beef Operation Uses

FerAppease may be used whenever animals are exposed to management and physiological stressors. Within different cattle operations, reducing cortisol levels can be helpful during different times.

  • Cow Calf Operations:
    • Weaning
    • Dehorning
    • Castration
    • Branding
    • Vaccination
  • Stockers/Backgrounders & Feedlots
    • Commingling
    • Arrival 
    • Processing 
    • Reimplantation
    • Revaccination 
    • Terminal sorting

    Multiple studies have been done on different ages of cattle that have been treated with FerAppease. Between untreated and treated cattle that were transported to the packer, after harvest it was seen that those treated had a lower pH. This allows for less of a risk of dark cutters, which ultimately means more high-quality beef to sell to consumers. Weaned calves that were treated had a decreased flight zone and speed when exiting the chute after being handled. Using FerAppease on calves helps to lower stress, and decrease cortisol levels and haptoglobin which allows for a better immune response to vaccines and allows for 10-40 pounds more gain of live weight 45 days after weaning.

    Dairy Operation Uses

    Within dairy operations, FerAppease is a great option for all different ages of cattle. When used on 2-year-olds, it allows for better milk letdown, fewer kick-offs, faster loading into parlors and stalls, and reduced adrenaline for overall calmer handling. When used on weaned calves that move into a transition group, it helps to lower mortality and morbidity, improves weight gain, and lowers treatment costs. It can also be used during:

    • Dehorning
    • Hoof trimming
    • Dry off
    • Show ring
    • And more!

    If you are interested in using FerAppease in your herd, reach out to your local Premier representative today! You can also find more information or place an order online: https://www.premierselectsires.com/store/products/FerAppease%C2%AE-p624070680