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Thank you for visiting! Your special offer:

Receive a free six-pound pail of Accel RS ($60 VALUE!) for each ten-count case or 20 pound pail of First Day Formula® CR or First Day Formula® CR Deluxe purchased between July 1 and August 31, 2020!

To redeem this offer, contact your local Area Sales Manager. Simply mention this webpage and inform him/her how much First Day Formula CR or First Day Formula CR Deluxe you would like, and they will deliver your colostrum replacer and Accel RS as soon as possible! Limit: five free pails of Accel RS per customer.

Quality colostrum is one of the most important factors in getting a beef or dairy calf off to a healthy start. Timely provision of colostrum can improve growth rates, improve feed efficiency, decrease age at first calving, and increase first and second lactation productivity.

Why First Day Formula® CR?

  • It is SIMPLE: All you have to do is open the package, mix, and feed
  • It is SAFE: It is heat processed and has sanitary packaging. Immediate mixing and feeding reduce the potential for pathogenic contamination. It is tested prednisone for sale free of disease-causing pathogens
  • It is SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: In a study, 299/300 calves fed First Day Formula CR had 99.9966 percent successful passive transfer.
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Retail Price:   $35 per 500 gram packet (case quantity = 10)   or   $575 per 20 pound pail

Why First Day Formula® CR Deluxe?

  • First Day Formula CR Deluxe features all the benefits of First Day Formula CR, with the added benefit of First Defense Technology®.
  • First Defense Technology is a unique un-denatured dried bovine colostrum and refers to ImmuCell Corporation’s trademarked dried bovine colostrum processing method.
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Retail Price:   $41.50 per 500 gram packet (case quantity = 10)   or   $690 per 20 pound pail

What is Accel RS?

  • Accel RS is a recovery solution—a stress supplement and electrolyte combination.
  • Accel RS contains plasma, glucose, electrolytes, and live naturally occurring microorganisms (Tri-Mic WD)
  • It has been proven to RESTORE, RE-ENERGIZE, RECOLONIZE, and REHYDRATE calves.
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Retail Price:   $3 per 4 ounce packet   or   $60 per 6 pound package   or   $140 per 25 pound package