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Thank you for visiting! Your special offer:

Through the months of November and December, buy two 25-count jars of Tri-Start and receive a FREE 500-gram jar of Tri-Mic WD…a $20 value!

To redeem this offer, contact your local Area Sales Manager. Simply mention this webpage and inform him/her how much Tri-Start you would like, and they will deliver the Tri-Start and Tri-Mic WD as soon as possible.

What is Tri-Start?

Tri-Start is an encapsulated, highly concentrated source of rumen-specific microbes that jump-starts the cow’s appetite and rumination.

Retail Price: $43.50 per 25 ct. jar, $160 per 100 ct. box



  • Each capsule has a guaranteed viable (live) microbial count of 100 billion colony forming units (CFU’s).  Most comparable products are well below that, with some being under 1 billion.  That means it would take many boluses of a competitor’s product to do the job that one Tri-Start can do.
  • Tri-Start contains lactic acid bacteria, live cell yeast and fungal extracts, which improve rumen function and health by implanting and establishing beneficial microbial populations, which helps crowd out pathogens.
  • Tri-Start is most commonly used right after calving to promote zolpidem for sale intake and rumination.  Other critical times to use Tri-Start are when cattle are sick/off feed, following therapeutic antibiotic use, following vaccinations, before/after pen changes, etc.  Basically anytime stress could cause an interruption in normal rumen function.

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What is Tri-Mic WD?

Tri-Mic WD is a water-dispersible direct-fed microbial (DFM) that improves the health and growth of dairy and beef calves. It improves gut health by establishing beneficial microbial populations, which crowd out pathogens. It reduces scours and improves average daily gain.

Retail Price:   $20 per 500 g jar, $170 per 5 kg bucket



  • Tri-Mic WD contains live lactic-acid forming bacteria (LAB’s), live cell yeast, and fungal extracts all selected specifically for the young animal.  A daily dose (1 gm) contains 3 billion CFU’s of guaranteed live microbials.
  • It is highly dispersible and mixes easily into milk or milk replacer.
  • Feed daily to improve health and improve ADG.  Feed 1 gram/head spread out over multiple feedings or all in one feeding.  Feed at 2 gm/head/day during stress.  Enclosed scoop in the 500 gm container holds 2 grams.  

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