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The ProfitSOURCE® program is the beef on dairy arm of the ProfitMAX® program.

ProfitSOURCE can help you maximize the value of your feeder calves and increase your short-term cash flow. The program helps producers identify the best options for beef on dairy breeding, as well as outlets to market the resulting calves.

ProfitSOURCE SiresTM can significantly impact your herd’s bottom line by increasing revenue from your lower genetic value females, and have been selected for crossbreeding on Holsteins and Jerseys. These sires excel for calving ease, growth performance, carcass merit, and they offer elite fertility to maximize reproductive performance. The lineup of ProfitSOURCE sires will include elite terminal beef bulls designed to meet specific genetic criteria.

Top 30% of the breed for five of the six EPD traits related to growth and carcass merit: Weaning Weight (WW), Yearling Weight (YW), Carcass Weight (CW), Marbling (Marb.), Ribeye Area (RE) and $Angus x Holstein or $Angus x Jersey.

  • Top 55% of the breed for Calving Ease
  • Top 50% of the breed for Residual Average Daily Gain (RADG)
  • Bottom 70% of the breed for Yearling Height (YH)

The $Angus x Holstein and $Angus x Jersey Indexes are bioeconomic indexes expressed in dollars per head. Each represents the expected average difference in future beef x dairy progeny value when compared to progeny of other Angus sires if randomly mated to Holstein or Jersey cows and resulting calves are exposed to the same environment.

Top 50% of their breed for Calving Ease and Terminal Index.

Terminal Index (TI): evaluates the merit of sires where all offspring (both male and female) are fed and sold on a carcass grade and yield basis.

Top 50% of their breed for Calving Ease and Terminal Index.

Terminal Sire Index (TSI): represents a dollar index per terminal progeny produced from a bull in the Charolais database, ranking them for profit potential.

Top 50% of their breed for Calving Ease and Terminal Index.

Mainstream Terminal Index ($MTI): measures differences in expected profit per carcass produced on a mainstream grid (yield grade 1 or 2, Select to low-Choice quality grade, and no over- or under-weights or dark cutters).

Calf ranches, feedlots and packers interested in source-verified, high quality ProfitSOURCE calves have established partnerships with Select Sires. ProfitSOURCE Partners™ may vary depending on geography, size of dairies, ownership arrangements, breed preferences, genetic criteria and end product targets. Some current partners include TD Beef and Power Genetics. Talk to your local Premier representative to find out if a relationship with one of our ProfitSOURCE Partners would benefit your operation.

Meet our ProfitSOURCE Partners: