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Accel Ensile+

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Please contact your Premier Select Sires representative for price and delivery options of this product. It may be available for preordering during selected times of the year. To find your local Area Sales Manager, please see the "Service Areas" page of this website.

Accel Ensile+ is a forage inoculant that offers a fast-acting combination of three strains of bacteria for use with multiple forages and high-moisture grains. The combination of three bacteria provides 150,000 colony forming units (CFU) of live naturally occurring lactic acid-producing bacteria per gram of forage.

  • Improve dry matter recovery
  • Support a more consistent dry matter intake
  • Improve overall animal performance
  • Extend face and bunk life
  • Reduce spoilage mechanisms

This product is available for dry application or in a water soluble form. Please talk to your Premier representative if you are interested in ordering Accel Ensile+!

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