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Cydectin® (moxidectin) Pour-On for Beef and Dairy Cattle

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Cydectin® Pour-On is approved for use on beef cattle and dairy cattle (including lactating dairy cattle) for the treatment of infections and infestation of internal and external parasites. This easy to use pour-on contains a weather-proof formula with a purple dye to show which animals have been treated.
  • Cydectin® provides broad-spectrum control which has been shown to result in increased weight gain and reduced pasture contamination
  • Cydectin has been shown to provide persistency against specific key species, including: rown stomach worm for 28 days, ;ungworm for 42 days, nodular worm for 28 days and barber pole worm for 14 days
  • There is zero milk withhold and zero slaughter withdrawal with Cydectin®
  • Dung beetle friendly
Cydectin is a registered trademark of Bayer
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