FerAppease®, A Revolutionary Product for Preventing Cattle Stress Response, Now Available through Premier Select Sires

FerAppease®, A Revolutionary Product for Preventing Cattle Stress Response, Now Available through Premier Select Sires

Dairy and beef producers can help prevent cattle stress response and its effects on their animals by using FerAppease®. Reducing cattle stress can help reduce morbidity and mortality, prevent decreases in productivity, improve reproductive performance, improve cattle handling, and more.

The active ingredient of FerAppease is a synthetic analogue of the Maternal Bovine Appeasing Substance (MBAS). MBAS is naturally secreted by a cow’s skin to comfort her calf while nursing, however, its effects are experienced by both calves and adult cattle. FerAppease is a research proven, affordable, safe, and easy-to-use application that helps to decrease treated animals’ threat perception, which also helps to decrease stress response.

FerAppease may be used every time animals are exposed to management and physiological stressors where the suppression of threat perception is desirable.

Following are some examples of dairy cattle applications:

  • Calving two-year-olds: promotes better milk letdown, fewer kick-offs, faster loading into the parlor or stall, and reduced adrenaline for calmer handling
  • Weaning/transition to group housing: promotes lower mortality and morbidity, lower treatment costs, and improved weight gain
  • Dehorning
  • Hoof trimming
  • Dry off
  • Competing in the show ring

Following are some examples of beef cattle applications:

  • Cow-calf operations
    • Weaning
    • Dehorning
    • Castration
    • Branding
    • Vaccination
  • Stockers/backgrounders & feedlots
    • Commingling
    • Arrival
    • Processing
    • Reimplantation
    • Revaccination
    • Terminal sorting

FerAppease is used topically, and the active ingredient, MBAS, is assimilated by the vomeronasal gland located in the nose of the treated animal. One application can provide benefits for up to 14 days. At $3 per dose, the product comes in 300 mL or 1000 mL bottles, and applicators may be purchased separately. For a limited time only, we are offering free shipping as an introductory special. In addition, customers who purchase a full case of product (16 – 300 mL bottles or 9 – 1,000 mL bottles) will receive a free applicator. (A  5 mL syringe can also be used to administer the 300 mL bottle of FerAppease.)

Premier Select Sires and its sister cooperatives in the Select Sires federation are the exclusive distributors of FerAppease in the artificial insemination industry. For more information on this product or to place an order, click here! You may also contact your local Premier Select Sires representative or the Premier Select Sires office at (800) 227-6417 or office@premierselect.com.


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