New Product Manual!

New Product Manual!

Yes, Premier Select Sires is first and foremost a genetics-focused artificial insemination cooperative. But we also acknowledge that a significant component of genetic performance is related to physical environment. It’s not nature vs. nurture; rather, nature and nurture go hand-in-hand.

The Premier Select Sires portfolio includes a hand-picked assortment of herd management products designed to enhance and protect your genetic investments. Each product has been vetted by industry experts, used by real dairy and beef producers, and chosen by our experienced team as an effective tool for helping your animals maximize their genetic potential. We believe this is part of a sustainable, efficient strategy to maximize profitability.

ENHANCE. Do you notice that when temperatures rise, production and performance slump? Help your animals power through the hot summer months with Bovine Accellyte II, Calf Accellyte, or Accel RS. Are mycotoxins getting you down? Ask your Premier rep whether Select BioCycleTM, Select DTXTM, Select BioCycle PlusTM, or BioFresh® Bolus would best address your unique challenge.

PROTECT. Do you question the quality of maternal colostrum, knowing that the first feeding sets the foundation for a calf’s entire life? First Day Formula® Colostrum Replacer can give the newest members of your herd what they need to optimize immune development and health. Do you suspect that flies and parasites are eating away at your herd’s productivity and spreading disease? We offer a robust line of well-know, proven insecticides that are competitively priced.

As you turn the pages of this book, you’ll find many other tried-and-true tools for use on your operation. Our goal at Premier is to help you create the next generation of healthy, productive, and thriving animals in your herd.