Premier Select Sires Holds First Premier 101 Course for Employees

Premier Select Sires Holds First Premier 101 Course for Employees

GETTYSBURG, Pennsylvania, July 16, 2019— Since joining the Premier team in April, Manager of Employee Development, Training & Engagement Karen Wheatley has been establishing training opportunities for Premier employees. We are excited to announce that the first-ever Premier 101 Class is in the books, and graduates Stephen Smith, James Comstock & Joshua Nyce, all Reproductive Service Specialists (RSS), finished with flying colors! The session included training on competitive selling, the value of being a cooperative, product knowledge, marketing & Dairy Sire Search capabilities and more! We would like to give a special “thank you” to our in-house teachers: Kirk Sattazahn, Director of Marketing; Michelle Cornman, Dairy Coordinator; Jeff Hostetter, Product Manager; Mark Carpenter, CEO; Brett Haines, RSS Supervisor; and Paul Knight, Central Region Marketing Manager, for sharing their knowledge!

Graduates Stephen Smith, James Comstock and Joshua Nyce


Director of Marketing Kirk Sattazahn and RSS Supervisor Brett Haines worked with Premier 101 students


Dairy Coordinator Michelle Cornman provided insights on the Dairy Sires Search and more


Product Manager Jeff Hostetter discussed how to effectively sell products


Central Region Marketing Manager Paul Knight spent time with the students as well


CEO Mark Carpenter spoke to students, and the students had the opportunity to present what they learned to Mark