Premier Select Sires Offers 7 Percent Credit on Semen Purchases for August, September 2021

Premier Select Sires Offers 7 Percent Credit on Semen Purchases for August, September 2021

TUNKHANNOCK, Pa.—Premier Select Sires, Inc. is excited to announce that the cooperative will offer 7 percent additional savings to member-customers who purchase semen through the months of August and September, 2021.

To enjoy this special benefit, Premier member-customers must simply purchase genetics from their sales team member during the designated months. Premier will offer the same superior genetics at the same competitive prices, but when invoices are prepared at the end of the month, a 7 percent credit on all semen purchases will be applied to reduce the total amount due. The only requirement is that accounts must be current on their balance to qualify.

“Our board of directors is always looking to maximize the return on investment that a Premier owner earns from the cooperative,” said Mark Carpenter, CEO of Premier Select Sires. “Earlier this year, they encouraged us to implement this special credit if the company financials allowed us to do so. I am pleased that our strong sales for 2021 have again allowed us to pass along this 7 percent credit.”

The 7 percent credit will provide Premier Select Sires customers an opportunity to purchase semen at an even lower cost and maximize the genetic improvement in the herd. As a farmer-owned cooperative, Premier strives to provide value and benefits to its member-owners through high quality products and services.


Premier Select Sires is a farmer-owned cooperative that serves beef and dairy producers in its 23-state member area. Dedicated to providing its members with all they need to achieve success, Premier provides:

  • Industry-leading genetics from the Select Sires, Accelerated Genetics, and GenerVations brands
  • Effective herd health and management products, as well as artificial insemination supplies
  • Reliable services and programs backed by years of success
  • Knowledgeable industry experts who are easily accessed for consultation, advice, and on-farm assistance

Together with its five sister cooperatives across the United States, Premier owns and controls Select Sires Inc., the world’s most recognized name in bovine genetics.

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