Premier Select Sires Welcomes the Voice of Cooperative Members

Premier Select Sires Welcomes the Voice of Cooperative Members

TUNKHANNOCK, Pa.—Premier Select Sires has formed a brand-new discovery group, which will be known as the Premier Owner’s Voice (POV), to gain insight and input from cooperative members. POV will involve all types and sizes of cooperative members to represent the more than 14,000 unique member purchasers across 23 states.

“There is no question that our industry continues to rapidly change,” said Mark Carpenter, Chief Executive Officer of Premier. “The health of our cooperative is dependent on our ability to learn and adapt to those changes. And beyond that, we need to meet—and exceed—our members’ expectations and needs going forward. This means exploring avenues of new technology, enhancing customer reach, and improving cooperative efficiencies, among other things. To accomplish those goals, we’re relying on a strong partnership with members of the Premier Owner’s Voice to generate ideas and talk about objectives. These are exciting times for Premier Select Sires!”

Members of the inaugural group include producers from Maine to Florida to Kansas, and they will serve a one-year term. Participants include dairy and beef producers from a variety of operational sizes and styles. These individuals will meet throughout the year to learn, share and strategize, giving a true voice to membership and strengthening the Premier cooperative in the process. Karen Wheatley, Premier Manager of Employee Development, Training, and Engagement, will facilitate the meetings.

“Being a cooperative doesn’t get enough attention these days, and I think we’re missing the mark when we aren’t celebrating this independence,” said Carpenter. “Not only does our cooperative return dividends to member purchasers, but with the formation of the Premier Owner’s Voice, we’re becoming better in the service we provide and better in the success we deliver because we’re doing this together.”

Any questions about the groups, or questions about becoming future POV members, can be directed to CEO Mark Carpenter (, Vice President of Marketing and Development Kirk Sattazahn (, or the Premier Select Sires office (570-836-3168).




Premier Select Sires is a farmer-owned cooperative that serves beef and dairy producers in its 23-state member area. Dedicated to providing its members with all they need to achieve success, Premier provides:

  • Industry-leading genetics from the Select Sires, Accelerated Genetics, and GenerVations brands
  • Effective herd health and management products, as well as artificial insemination supplies
  • Reliable services and programs backed by years of success
  • Knowledgeable industry experts who are easily accessed for consultation, advice, and on-farm assistance

Together with its five sister cooperatives across the United States, Premier owns and controls Select Sires Inc., the world’s most recognized name in bovine genetics. Learn more about Premier Select Sires at