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The Genetic Data Partner (GDP) program is a revolutionary program for sampling young sires. It allows Select Sires to offer bulls with strong cow families backed by actual daughter performance.

The GDP program screens many bull calves with genomic testing to find the right sires to enter the program. Once selected, extensive data is gathered on those bulls to make sure that the genomic predictions were correct indicators of daughter performance. This information is ultimately what determines which bulls will graduate into our active zolpidem for sale lineup.

Genomic young sire semen provides a large benefit to customers who opt to use it. These young sires are backed by progressive pedigrees and genetics, and many of them are offered in our GForce™ lineup. Young sire usage can be a profit center of its own for the Premier Select Sires customer.

Note: The genetic data-collecting program for the Jersey breed is known as the Program for Genetic Advancement™, or PGA.™

™GForce, Program for Genetic Advancement and PGA are trademarks of Select Sires Inc.