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BioFresh® Bolus 50 count

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Product Details
A super concentrated form of Select BioCycle™, BioFresh® Bolus is an individual animal supplement for use during stressful times (freshening, sick, off-feed, etc.) (50 count)

  • A product of Agrarian Solutions™
  • Effective in reducing LSCC, days open and services per conception
  • Supplies critical vitamins and minerals to supplement a cow's variable intake
  • Aids in immune function by providing L-form Lactobacillus, microbial sugars and specialized proteins
  • BioFresh® Bolus triggers a digestive response from its yeast and enzymes and boosts a cow's immune system at the highest-stress period in a typical lactation - freshening
  • Also beneficial to sick and off-feed cows, and can be used as a supplement for treated cows in combating high somatic cell counts
  • Click the link for the full product data sheet

®BioFresh is a registered trademark Agrarian Marketing Corporation®. BioFresh Bolus is manufactured for Agrarian Marketing Corporation a registered trademark of Agrarian Marketing Corporation, Middlebury, IN.
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