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Select BioCycle Plus Ultimate

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A feed additive formulated to maximize rumen microbe populations, providing a more thorough utilization of protein in the ration. Designed for high energy, high protein rations, typically found in lush grass and late cuttings of haylage. (50 pounds)

  • A product of Agrarian Solutions
  • Contains BioCycle Plus as its base ingredient, which offers immune system improvement and assistance against mold-challenged feeds
  • Also contains increased levels of enzyme potency and microbial sugars
  • Select BioCycle Plus Ultimate adds an additional enzyme, pectinase, that breaks down pectins found in plants
  • Rumen-protected forms of copper, zinc, manganese and cobalt have also been added
  • Click the link for the full product data sheet

Select BioCycle Plus Ultimate is a trademark of Select Sires Inc. Product listed is manufactured by Agrarian Marketing Corporation a registered trademark of Agrarian Marketing Corporation, Middlebury, IN.

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