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The udder is the moneymaking end of the cow and Select Sires offers a variety of products to keep that udder in top-notch condition. 4XLA, Uddergold 5 Star, and Aztec teat dips are just a few of the teat dip products that each play an important role in keeping ativan online your cattle in top udder health.

Uddermint remains the discerning dairy producer’s choice for a topical udder rub that will help to remove edema and keep the milk flowing. Using Uddermint at the first sign of flakes has even proved to be an effective mastitis treatment program.

Training Classes

 Trainers are located throughout our sales area offering, artificial insemination schools at a convenient location and time for you.

Heat Detection Aids

Your time is valuable, so Premier Select Sires offers a full line of tools to help effectively and efficiently identify your animals in heat.

Cow Care/Feed Additives

Check out our lineup of Agrarian Solutions and Accelerated Genetics products and learn how they can help you achieve your operational goals.

Calf Care

Your calves are the future of your operation. Keep them safe and healthy with calf care products offered by Premier Select Sires.

Udder Health

Udder care products and teat dips help keep your cow’s udders in top-notch condition while producing high-quality milk.